Results 2023


1st PlaceGM Keith Arkell5£300
2nd Place =CM Alex Bullen
Sean Gordon
Andy Hill
James Lavender
FM Peter Varley
4£65 each

2023 Welsh Under 18 Champions:

Iwan Cave and Yuxuan Wu (3 pts) – £50 each

In recognition of his achievement, we have decided to issue a special prize for the Highest Placed Junior in the Open from another Nationality. Please Congratulate Jai Kothari for scoring 3.5 pts in the Open at age 12.


1st PlaceYaroslav Sharhorodsky5£220
2nd PlaceAndrew Di-Vetta4.5£150
3rd Place =Darson Beeston
Duncan MacArthur
Steve Jones
David McGhee
Paul Mills
Malcolm Probert
Lalit Sharma
Ron Williams
4£12.50 each
U1400 Rating PrizeVince Teisar4£50

Welsh Seniors:

1st Place =Mark Thomas
Rudy Van Kemenade
4£150 each
3rd PlaceNigel Saunders3.5£50

The Robert Taylor Prize for Best Performance and most Improved Welsh Junior:

Iwan Cave – £150